Thanks a squillion to the folks who are buying this little live-gig-fundraiser bandcamp thing.

I'm tryna sell a hundred copies,
the plan,
to frame and fashion a studio album
before the year feckin' ends.

I think it's a great time of year for releasing stuff.
Summer for gathering stories,
Winter for sharing 'em.

19 souls have already parted with their shekels, setting my heart aglow.

The gig itself, I played last month in Berlin.

Hosted by a lovely violin-maker named Matthias Von Wallbrunn.

He makes cellos too!
Once, he put sellotape on a crack on my guitar, which was way more helpful than it sounds.

Actually, I was going to start the show with the new stuff straight away but remembered that Matthi had this little acoustic in his workspace, one that I've heard many a fine tune sung with.
The first instrument he built.
I've oft heard it strummed by fellow Atelier 3/4 resident Dave, who paints magnificence in another corner of Atelier 3/4 .

It really is a lovely space.
They have musical nights there from time to time,
I've had the pleasure of experiencing a few.
It was special sharing new tunes and old friends.
A charged and colourfilled setting, I talked some amount of shite, though, so,
I'll be taking it offline when I hit a hundred.

In explanation,
I don't want this online forever, I don't think it's an internet thing long-term,
I certainly like that it exists but, if you're online,
you're probably in the middle of doing something else.

There are other newbies to come
They weren't played this night but I'll waffle about them soon.

I HAVE to record here.
Some of the fine folk here in Vienna
they fair know how to capture sound.

A toast to new things soon.


I wanted to keep this thing as one track because... well, I didn't want it cut up.

Save it for headphones and a 49 minute bus journey.